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Bura HPC

Using supercomputing resources at University of Rijeka for academic and industrial goals

Vedran Miletić, Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies, University of Rijeka


  • founded in 2008. as Dept. of Inf. at UniRi, became Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies in 2022.
  • research (computer vision, pattern recognition, natural language processing, machine translation, e-learning, digital transformation, supercomputing) and teaching

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  • Group for Applications and Services on Exascale Research Infrastructure
  • focus: optimization of computational biochemistry applications for running on modern exascale supercomputers
  • vision: high performance algorithms readily available for academic and industrial use in state-of-the-art open-source software

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Details about Bura HPC

Accessing Bura HPC

Slurm workload manager

GROMACS molecular dynamics simulation software

Input files for GROMACS

Further reading

Author: Vedran Miletić