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What hardware, software, and cloud services do we use?

Our everyday scientific and educational work relies heavily on hardware, software, and, in modern times, cloud services. The equipment that we will mention below is specific to our group; common services used by university and/or faculty employees will not be specifically mentioned here.


Userland software

We use Mozilla Firefox, FireDragon, and Brave for web browing and development.

We use Visual Studio Code for writing and editing Markdown (to be processed by MkDocs or Pandoc) and LaTeX, C++ development, and Python development.

We use Syncthing for file synchronization and sharing.


Future changes

We plan to switch the storage server to TrueNAS SCALE in the near future. We will consider it for the compute server as well to reduce the number of different appliance solutions we use.

Cloud services

Updated on 2023-08-24: replaced cloud with on-prem.

Updated on 2023-11-12: listed AUR build server.

Updated on 2024-05-28: listed Syncthing.