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About the group

(This page is also available in Croatian.)

Group for Applications and Services on Exascale Research Infrastructure (hrv. Grupa za aplikacije i usluge na eksaskalarnoj istraživačkoj infrastrukturi, abbr. GASERI) is a research, development, and teaching unit at University of Rijeka Department of Informatics built on the legacy of Computer Networks, Parallelization, and Simulation Laboratory (hrv. Laboratorij za računalne mreže, paralelizaciju i simulaciju, abbr. CNPSLab) and Computer Networks Laboratory (hrv. Laboratorij za računalne mreže, abbr. CNLab).

Scientific and professional interests

We are generally interested in scientific software development, high-performance computers, cloud computing, and the use of free open-source software in the development of applications and services for supercomputers and cloud platforms. We are specifically interested in the application of exascale computing to solve problems in computational biochemistry and related fields.

In principle, our goal is to do better science in an open-source way; science is essentially open and should remain so. The open-source way includes open file formats, free and open-source software, open hardware, defensive patent licensing, and open access to published work.

Author: Vedran Miletić